Cutting dies, EP 04

Specimen Cutting Dies, EP 04, are manufactured in both standard and special shapes. A special shank is used when mounting the cutting die in presses EP 02 and EP 08. Shanks for other cutting presses are also available.

The cutting die is an important part of sample preparation. It is crucial that the cutting die is flawless and will give you excellent samples when you cut. The smallest nick in the sample could cause a failure that will represent your sample preparation instead of your materials properties.

Ejector pins and ejector plates

Elastocon cutting dies has sharp edges and are equipped with ejectors – ejector pins in the smallest dies and ejector plates in the other dies. The ejectors/ejector plates will ensure that your sample will be released from the die automatically. If the sample get stuck in the die and it is poked out with a tweezer, scalpel or anything else pointy/sharp, you will often damage the sample and need to scrap it and prepare a new sample again. With Elastocons ejector system the samples comes out from the die without damages – hence no need to do over or to scrap the samples. This saves times, material and frustration for the operator.

The shank – a special attaching device

All Elastocon cutting dies consist of two parts, the die and the attaching device called shank, which is mandatory. The shank is both the fastening device that is attached to the press, and a guarantee that the quick change system will work, and thus eliminate the need for height adjustments between different dies. Each die will therefore need its own individual shank.

Elastocon manufactures shanks for cutting dies for use in our own cutting presses (EP 02 and EP 08) as well as other brands of presses. Please specify the brand and model of your cutting press already when you ask for a quotation.

Elastocon's sample preparation equipment has a very long lifetime

All Elastocon dies will be delivered with a calibration certificate, and many times they can be re-sharpened if the need will occur. This, together with our excellent quality, gives our sample preparation equipment a very long lifetime, which our customers appreciate.

We offer standard or customized cutting dies

Our standard assortment of cutting dies includes many dies from international standards, as well as rectangular and round dies, and we can manufacture customized cutting dies as well.

For the quickest help, please specify both which standard and type/model of die you want when contacting us, many standards has several dies in them.

Shanks for the cutting dies

We have different article numbers for the shanks depending on which cutting press that is used.

EP 04.01 – Shank for cutting dies for Elastocon EP 02 and EP 08 cutting presses

EP 04.02 – Shank for cutting dies for Wallace S1 cutting press.

EP 04.03 – Shank for cutting dies for CEAST 6051 and 6052 cutting presses

Shanks for cutting dies for other cutting presses can also be manufactured, please contact us for more information.

Standard cutting dies

This is a listing of standard shape cutting dies from Elastocon. If you don't find a suitable one, please contact us and we will help you.

ISO standard cutting dies

ISO 34 A Trouser
ISO 34 B, Angle
ISO 34 C, Crescent
ISO 34-2, delft
ISO 37 ring type A
ISO 37-1
ISO 37-2
ISO 37-3
ISO 37-4
ISO 178, Izod/Sharpy
ISO 179, 80 × 10 mm, Izod/Sharpy
ISO 294-2
ISO 527-1
ISO 527-2
ISO 527-2 type 1A
ISO 527-2 die 1B
ISO 527-2 die 1BA
ISO 527-2 die 1BB
ISO 527-2 die 5
ISO 527-2 die 5A
ISO 527-2 die 5B
ISO 527-3 type 1B
ISO 527-3 type 2
ISO 527-3 type 5
ISO 527-5
ISO 812 type A, 35 × 6 mm
ISO 816
ISO 974
ISO 1431
ISO 1432 Gehman
ISO 1798
ISO 2285 T50
ISO 2285CL
ISO 2921 T50
ISO 4674-A2
ISO 5603
ISO 6259-3 die 2
ISO 6383-1 Trouser 150 × 50
ISO 6383-2 Tear 75 × 63 mm
ISO 6603-1&2 60 × 60 mm
ISO 8256 die 3
ISO 8256 die 4
ISO 12244

ASTM standard cutting dies

ASTM D256 Izod
ASTM D412 die A
ASTM D412 die C
ASTM D412 die C Tum
ASTM D412 die D
ASTM D471 dia 60 mm
ASTM D638 type I
ASTM D638 type II
ASTM D638 type IV
ASTM D638 type V
ASTM D648 127 × 12.7 mm
ASTM D-746 Type II
ASTM D1693 38 × 13 mm
ASTM D1822 die S
ASTM D3763, dia 80 mm

DIN standard cutting dies

DIN 53504, 44,6–52,6 mm
DIN 53504 type S1
DIN 53504 type S2
DIN 53504 type S3
DIN 53504 type S3a

IEC standard cutting dies

IEC 811-1-1 FIG 12
IEC 811-1-1 FIG 13

Special shape cutting dies

We can also manufacture special shape cutting dies, e.g. rectangular or round cutting dies.

For nick cutting, please see our Nick Cutter, EP 07 with accessories.

More information

Download product brochure: Elastocon Sample Preparation.pdf

Watch our video about Specimen Cutting Presses