Elastocon offer accredited calibration

Calibration is an important part of quality work today. At Elastocon we are experts in calibration and have the necessary equipment and education as well as the accreditation.

Employing external calibration services, such as ours, can save money for your business.

Let Elastocon calculate for your external calibration work and give you a quotation. Consider that it might be less expensive for your company to let us do the calibration you perform internally as well.

Calibration in field

calibration of laboratory balancesElastocon perform a large part of our calibration tasks in the field, on-site at the customer’s facility. Many instruments are simply too large to be sent in for calibration in our laboratory. Other types of equipment, like balances, are greatly affected by their ambient environment.

We have a long experience in the calibration area

Elastocon started with calibration in 1993 and has been accredited since 2000.

The calibration is done with traceability to international reference standards. After the calibration, a signed calibration certificate  with all data such as results, traceability and uncertainty is issued.

Calibration or adjustment?    

Calibration of an instrument establishes the difference in measuring value between the instrument and a traceable reference instrument.

Adjustment of the instrument is done for the instrument to show as close to the traceable reference as possible. Afterwards a calibration is done to measure the remaining difference.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a recognition of proficiency in accordance with European and international standards.

Accreditation means that SWEDAC, Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment, continually examines that the company in question is competent to perform the tests, calibrations, certifications and inspections. Read more about SWEDAC and accreditation here.

Elastocon are accredited since the year 2000.

See our accreditation certificate here.

Swedac Accreditation 1678 Calibration

Why accreditation?

Quality assurance is an obvious concept for most companies today. This includes the use of calibrated instruments. For all measurements it is important to know how well the results correlates with reality. By calibrating your instruments you make the measurements traceable to international standards.

ISO 9001 certification

Elastocon are ISO 9001 certified since 1999.

See our ISO 9001 certificate here.

For more information or quotes regarding calibration, please contact us here.