Accessories for a stress relaxation system

For a complete stress relaxation system there are other accessories also needed besides the cell ageing oven and the relaxation rigs – the amplifier box is one example.

Amplifier box for relaxation rigs, EB 02.14-x

EB 02.14-x amplifier box connects the rigs to a computer for acquisition of the force and temperature data.

Software Stress Relaxation, EC 05

The stress relaxation software EC 05 performs and evaluates stress relaxation tests and supports both ISO and ASTM standards.

Software for Arrhenius plot, EC 15

EC 15 is a software that will help you create an Arrhenius plot e.g. after your stress relaxation test.

Air tight container for compression testing in liquids, EB 02.01P

This air tight container can be used up to a pressure of 3 Bar together with the Stress Relaxation Rig, EB 02. This makes it possible to test samples in coolants under pressure.