Pneumatic cutting press, EP 02

The EP 02 pneumatic cutting press is designed for preparation of test specimens mainly of rubber and plastic materials by punching.

EP 02 is a small and compact pneumatic cutting press that will fit perfect either in your laboratory, your production or wherever you like to place it. The cutting press stands steady on rubber feet and does not need to be attached to the table. It has a two hand operating system to increase the security and minimize the risk of injuries to the operator.

A safety protection screen (EP 02.04), can be mounted as an optional accessory (not included by default).

Quick change system

The pneumatic cutting press has an appreciated system for quick changing between different cutting dies, which is developed by Elastocon. The quick changing system has many advantages, some of them are;

  • Easy to change dies
  • No need for height adjustments between different dies
  • Saves time for the operator
  • Minimize the risk of fault adjustments that might damage the die
  • Increases the amount of flawless samples

Guiding rod, EP 04.04

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Cutting samples which curl and don’t lie flat (such as cables or hoses) is often a struggle. Many times you wish to have at least 4 hands. Elastocon has solved this with the guiding rod (EP 04.04), which is included with our cutting presses. With the guiding rod it is possible to have the cutting die standing on the sample, yet get guiding and the sample is securely cut without the operator needing to hold the material while punching.

Important specifications

  • Stands on rubber feet and does not need to be attached to the table
  • Cutting force up to 25 kN
  • System for quick change of cutting dies
  • Guiding rod (EP 04.04) for cutting samples which curl and do not lie flat is included

Included accessories

EP 08.01 – 2 cutting mats

EP 04.04 – Guiding rod

Options for the cutting press

We have cutting dies for different standards in our assortment. We can also manufacture cutting dies after customer requests and drawings.

See our cutting dies for more information

EP 08.01 – Cutting mat 150 × 200 mm

EA 01 – Silent air compressor, 105 l/min – Read more about EA 01 here

More information

Product brochure: Elastocon – Sample preparation.pdf

Watch Elastocon's video about specimen cutting presses