Stress Relaxation Test Systems

Stress relaxation tests are becoming more and more popular for determination of rubber properties.

Elastocon offers equipment for stress relaxation testing of rubber that meets the demands for either continuous or discontinuous testing in both tension and compression, in liquid and air, as well as for different temperature intervals. Meets the requirements in ISO 3384, ISO 6914 and ASTM D6147.

Relaxation system for continuous measurement of rubber in either compression or tension. Meets the requirements in ISO 3384, ISO 6914 and ASTM D6147.

Automatic relaxation and creep tester, EB 18-II

With the Relaxation and Creep Tester, EB 18-II-3, tests can be carried out automatically.

ALE-test system with cell oven for stress relaxation, EB 21

The ALE-test system (Aeration and Liquid Exchange test system) for compression testing – with possibility to exchange liquid and air – at temperatures up to 200 °C.