Elastocon instruments

Elastocon offers precision instruments for a wide area of rubber and plastic testing: cutting presses and dies for specimen preparation, ageing ovens, stress relaxation test systems, low temperature testers, and much more.

More reliable results

Elastocon manufactures a range of ageing ovens for high precision ageing of rubbers and plastics under controlled conditions. All ovens meet most ISO and ASTM standards for testing of rubber and plastic materials.

The ovens are designed to give very low temperature variations in time and space, low or high air speed and controlled air exchange rate. Good control of temperature, air speed and air exchange rate have been shown to be very important to achieve good repeatability and reproduceability when doing heat ageing tests of polymer materials.

Research done in Sweden shows that the air speed is a very important factor, influencing the ageing results by increased evaporation of softeners and antioxidants and by increased oxidation at higher air speeds. Elastocon ageing ovens have a low air speed, dependant of the air exchange rate only, or specified high air speed (1 m/s) to allow tests to be performed investigating the influence of air speed.

For existing and new test methods

ALE control box EB21We are constantly developing our instruments in order to comply with the latest standards in polymer testing.

Elastocon is also developing instruments for new test methods. One recent example is the ALE-test instrument (Aeration and Liquid Exchange test). This is a more realistic stress relaxation test in fuels and oils, than the previous traditional testing.

Read more about the ALE-test instrument here

Custom built instruments

cabinet oven EB 26 inside 350We can also offer custom built instruments. The EB 26 cabinet oven with a carousel – which rotates during ageing – for simple and fast mounting of the samples is an example of an instrument developed after customer requests.

Read more about the EB 26 cabinet oven here

Please feel free to contact us if you have special requests regarding rubber and plastic testing.

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