Relaxation rigs

Elastocon's EB 02 is a relaxation rig for continuous stress relaxation measurements of rubber in both compression and tension according to ISO 3384 and ASTM D6147. The rig works together with the cell ovens EB 21, EB 22, EB 23, the programmable temperature cell ovens EB 17 and EB 23LTP or with our temperature boxes for test at room temperature and below.

Relaxation rig, EB 02, with amplifier box, EB 02.14

The EB 02 relaxation rigs are available in different options for continuous stress relaxation measurements in both compression and tension according to ISO 3384 and ASTM D6147.

High Force Relaxation Rig, EB 02HF

The high force relaxation rig, EB 02HF, is used for testing of stress relaxation with high forces up to 45 kN, according to ISO 3384.