Software for polymer testing instruments

Elastocon offers several softwares for polymer testing instruments: hardness testers, thickness gauges, balances, stress relaxation test systems, instruments for low temperature compression set and ovens.

Software for measurement of hardness, EC 01

The EC 01 software for measurement of hardness can be connected to several hardness testers, e.g. from Wallace and Bareiss, for all Shore and IRHD scales.

Software for measuring of thickness, EC 02

The EC 02 software for measuring of thickness can be connected to Mitutoyo gauges.

Software for balances, EC 03

The EC 03 balances software can be connected to e.g. Kern and Sartorius balances, for measuring and calculating density, weight change and volume change.

Software Stress Relaxation, EC 05

Software for stress relaxation EC 05

The EC 05 stress relaxation software evaluates results from relaxation tests according to ISO 3384 and ISO 6914.

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Software for Low Temperature Compression Set, EC 10

software low temperature compression set ltcs EC 10 small

The EC 10 software for Low Temperature Compression Set, LTCS, can monitor the temperature during the test time and records the recovery when the test piece is released.

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Software for data monitoring, EC 11

The EC 11 data monitoring software is used for monitoring instruments such as ovens and laboratories for temperature and humidity.

Software for Arrhenius plot, EC 15

Software for Arrhenius plot, EC 15

EC 15 is a software that will help you create an Arrhenius plot e.g. after your stress relaxation test.

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