The software for Low Temperature Compression Set, LTCS, EC 10, can monitor the temperature during the test time and records the recovery when the test piece is released.

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The software is divided into three different sections.

  • Configuration
  • Log
  • Presentation

The different sections can be accessed by the navigation drop list box. This drop list box is located in the main window and will display Configuration after software launch.

Presentation view

In this section, any recording can be opened and viewed. Printouts, exports and evaluations are made in this section. By setting evaluation points, the results at 30 seconds, 30 minutes etc. can be presented as well as a graph of the compression set as a function of time.

Configuration view

The Configuration view allows the user to do changes to the hardware setup such as changing communication address, refresh connection with the hardware and view sensor properties. The user can also arrange the rig(s) into groups in the user configuration.

Log view

Groups created in the Configuration view can be used for recording events from the compression set rigs. Test setup and preparations before all tests must be made from this section.

Basic software and license

This software is purchased in two parts to increase the flexibility of customer adapted systems. First part, EC 10, is the basic part of the software.

The other part is a license, EC 10-x. Purchase one license per rig you want to use for testing. The x equals the quantity of rigs connected to the software (up to 8 rigs). In this way the customers only purchase a system in the size they will need. If needs increase in the future, the system can easily be adapted for this.

More information

Download product brochure: Elastocon Low Temperature Testers.pdf

Watch our video about Low Temperature Compression Set