Conversion kit for freezers, ET 03.01-6

With the ET 03.01-6 conversion kit all of Elastocon’s laboratory freezers can be adapted for testing either in Low Temperature Compression Set with our EV 09 rig or in Stress Relaxation with our EB 02 rig.

The conversion kit includes a special lid where the rigs can be placed directly through the lid without the need to open the freezer. The freezers (ET 03, ET 04 or ET 07) can be adapted for 6 test rigs. The kit also includes a stand to make sure that the test rigs will be in contact with the bottom of the freezer and that the temperature transfer will be optimal.

By using a modified laboratory freezer with the special lid in the conversion kit in combination with our EV 09 rig the Low Temperature Compression Set test can be performed without touching the test piece, according to ISO 815-2. All adjustments of height and releasing the compression are made outside the freezer thus improving the accuracy of the test results.

Suitable deep freezers

The conversion kit can be used on all Elastocon deep freezers for Low Temperature Compression Set (LTCS) tests

  • ET 03 xx – Deep freezer for -10 to -45 °C
  • ET 07 xx – Deep freezer for -30 to -60 °C
  • ET 04 xx – Deep freezer for  -50 to -85 °C

More information

Download product brochure: Elastocon Low Temperature Testers.pdf