Combined low temperature testers

The TR Tester, Gehman Tester and Brittleness Tester can be combined using the same base unit and a rig changing system.

The combined instrument consists of a base unit with a cooling bath and the electronics. The three different test rigs are then mounted on a carousel. No lifting is necessary when switching from one method to another.

An automatic computerized Low Temperature Tester increases the precision up to 5 times. The capacity will also increase by about 50 % and not least the labour time will decrease about 75 %.

Included accessories with combined instrument

  • Computer (Windows)
  • EC 12 software for Low Temperature tests
  • Support agreement 12 months
  • Manual in English
  • Necessary tools (e.g. stylus pen for PLC touch screen)
  • Accredited calibration including certificate
  • For combination with Gehman Tester: 3 sets with 6 wires in each set for different stiffness (0.7, 2.8, 11.2 mNm)

For further information about the specific testers, see related article below.

More information

Download product brochure: Elastocon Low Temperature Testers.pdf