Calibration of pressure gauges

Calibration of pressure gauges/manometers can be done with liquid or gas pressure. The advantage of liquid is that if a hose bursts - you get a shower. But if a hose with gas pressure bursts, there is a real risk of hearing damage.

For liquid filled pressure gauges the aeration must be opened before calibration.

The pressure gauge is mounted parallel to a reference meter with know correction. The pressure gauge should be calibrated in the same position as it is used (horizontal or vertical).

The pressure gauge is put under it’s maximum pressure three times as kind of pre-load.

The pressure gauge and the reference gauge is pressurized in parallel and the indication is read. This is repeated 3 times on every measuring point.

The difference between reference gauge and the calibrated pressure gauge will generate a correction value that will be added/disregarded from the show pressure on the calibrated pressure gauge.

Ann-Christin Johansson