Windscreen foggingFogging test is a procedure used to determine the amount of windscreen fogging in vehicles. Fogging contains the remnants of chemicals which are discharged from the interior materials in the vehicle and often get deposited on the interior glass of the vehicle.

Fogging testers are developed to test the fogging characteristics of all the materials utilized in the interior of a vehicle, including the amount of volatile components evaporated from textiles, leather, PVC and other polymeric materials. In addition to international standards, several vehicle manufacturers follow their own standards.

Windscreen Fogging

Fogging occurs mainly on the windscreen in the front of the car because of the position of the glass, which makes it colder when compared to the rest of the glass in the vehicle, thus causing the evaporated materials to get condensed on it in a relatively high concentration.

Fogging accumulating on the windscreen needs to be kept at a minimum in order to ensure driving safety and to allow drivers to clearly see through the windscreen.

Elastocon offers a fogging Tester, EB 03C, for windscreen fogging tests.

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