Elastocon sample preparationThe preparation of the test pieces is an extremely important part of the rubber and plastic testing itself and it must not be the case that the test results reflect the effects of the preparation rather than the properties of the materials being tested. Temperature conditioning of the test material is also an important part of the preparation.


Elastocon offers two specimen cutting presses – a pneumatic press, EP 02, and a manual press, EP 08 – for preparation of test specimens of rubber and plastic materials by punching. The cutting presses are small and and have a system for quick change of cutting dies. They stand secure on rubber feet and do not need to be attached to the table.

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Elastocon offers specimen cutting dies, EP 04 and specimen rotating knives, EP 03.

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Elastocon offers conditioning box, EP 05, for conditioning of the samples in a stable environment.

You can also find additional equipment, such as the Nick Cutter, EP 07, the Bizerba Slicer, silver pens and a pyrolyse oven for IR-analysis, EP 01.

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