Literature Lifespan of Rubber Materials

This is a technical report with 75 materials, that have been tested in air, water and oil up to five years at temperatures from 40°C to 250°C.

Rubber materials and thermoplastic elastomers are often used in demanding environments and in components with high demands on reliability even over a long operation time – 10 years and more are not unusual. This has increased the importance of having access to adequate material data and of having methods for lifespan determinations.

The purpose of this handbook is to provide an aid for designers and users of rubber and TPE materials, who are interested in the lifespan of a material.

Questions such as the following, can be answered with the help of this handbook:

  • How long will this rubber component last?
  • Can I increase the operation temperature by 10 °C and still achieve the requirement of a lifespan of 20 years?
  • One of my customers has had a breakdown on one of our rubber components after only 2 years use, what is this due to?

A partial goal is to explain in simple terms the concept of lifespan prediction for designers and end-users. Another is to equip readers of the handbook with as complete a database as possible with regard to the lifespan of different rubber and TPE material types. All in all this book contain data from measurements on 48 rubber materials and 27 thermoplastic elastomers, with 1-8 properties tested during 1–5 years. No other investigation involving accelerated ageing times as long as 5 years has, to our knowledge, previously been reported.

Correctly used, this handbook is therefore a powerful aid in the estimation of the lifespan of a rubber material or a thermoplastic elastomer.

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